Rise and Grind Mug

Style: 11oz White Mug

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Product Information

Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up in the morning.  Coffee will keep you going, but this mug will keep you on that grind and look good doing it.

  • Available Sizes: 11 oz., 15 oz.
  • Mug Color: White
  • Printed on both sides - front and back
  • An inspirational gift for someone who never stops
  • Home dishwasher and microwave safe
  • ORCA Coating (see information)
  • Brand New
  • Printed in the USA

Rise and Grind Mug as a Gift

If you know someone who keeps going when most would give up, get them this mug to grind with them.

Not Only Coffee Lovers Grind

Coffee cups like this one can be used to hold various office materials such as pencils, paper clips, rubber bands, and loose coins.  Sometimes you just need an interesting paperweight.  Candles also fit nicely inside the mug, though we do not recommend an open flame if your cubicle is too dusty.  Duster and cleanliness not included.

What is ORCA Coating?

ORCA is a sublimation coating featuring materials exceeding the international standards of green eco-friendly materials.  The coating ensures durability for over 3000 dishwasher cycles and provides excellent color quality.

Protective Shipping

Our coffee cups are shipped in protective packaging so that your mug arrives safely to your dusty base of operations.  And don’t be picky about the delivery date - we know you’re always there.

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