Funny Mugs Are a Great Gift Idea

A funny mug makes a wonderful gift for many reasons. Possibly the most important reason is that a coffee mug doesn't take up hardly any space. Anyone can find somewhere to show off their gift. Another reason is that the world is a better place with a smile. Or perhaps a small smirk in a meeting at work.

Mug a Funny Friend

If you have a friend that loves humorous things, and you've found a mug they'll cherish, ship it directly to them! Everybody likes the feeling of opening their mailbox and seeing an unexpected package with their name on it.

These funny coffee mugs are perfect gifts for those who are lighthearted or possibly often caught laughing in serious moments.  Brighten up a dusty cubicle with a mug displaying a funny design to all passersby who are lucky enough to have such a comedic coworker.

Send a funny mug to a friend with the same sense of humor as you.  If they don't think it's funny, do they really deserve you?  Find a funny mug, but are not sure if your friend or family member drinks coffee?  News flash: no one hates coffee mugs.  The non-drinker can always find use for other beverages or as a desk organizer, flower vase, candle container, or whatever their creativity imagines.  If a coffee mug just will not suit them, we suggest taking a look at our funny apparel!

With a variety of funny designs, you are sure to find one you love!  Regular sized cups not enough coffee for you?  No problem!  Look for one of our hilarious large mugs.  Sometimes it feels like the bigger the design, the funnier it is by default.  It's the law of physics or something.

Are you a gamer?  Check out our funny gaming mugs!

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