Funny Mugs for Coworkers and Work

Coffee Mugs for the Workplace

These are the best mugs for the workplace. Find work-related designs that will break the ice with coworkers. Would you like a way to crack a joke to a colleague without even saying anything? Don’t worry about distracting other employees. Whether you are the boss or the new person in town, find some funny mugs for work! They will do all of the talking. Just sit back and smell the coffee.

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Gifts for Coworkers

We’ve all been there. That one coworker who always remembers everyone’s birthday has the nerve to have their own…and soon. Luckily, you remembered Mug a Friend! Quickly look at creative and funny coffee mugs for work and find the one destined for the desk.

There doesn’t have to be a birthday! Forty hours of work a week does not need to be any more boring than it already is. Create some laughs with funny work mugs. Let’s be honest, you and your coworkers are just looking for something to distract from the daily duties for a while. Let one of these mugs help you and your work buddies get to that first break. It will still be there to load up enough coffee to make it to lunch.

There is a funny coffee mug for any coworker! Tease a friend who always spends a little too much time in the bathroom. Show your appreciation for a customer service agent who excels daily. Find the perfect gift for a boss who never puts up with anything less than hard work.

Gifts for the Boss

Bosses need some love, too! The man or woman in charge often has a lot of stress and responsibility on their shoulders. Show them how much you care for them with a lighthearted, but work-related coffee mug. A happier boss means a happier workplace, which means happier employees. It’s probably one of Newton’s laws…

Know a coworker that...

…is always out the door at exactly 5:00pm? The Time To Go Home mug is for them.

…would rather be shopping? They need this funny work mug.

…would rather be riding the waves? Get them this Surf Time mug.

…is an amazing customer service agent? Show them how awesome they are with this mug.

Not a Coffee Fan?

No problem! Coffee cups can be used for much more than drinking one of the country’s favorite beverages. Add a little nature to a dull cubicle by using a mug as a pot for a colorful plant. Whether the plant is real or fake is your call. Use another one as a storage container to organize the pens, markers, clips, and scissors. If it tends to get a little quiet and awkward at work, use a mug as a conversation starter. If home is your office and your coworkers have fur, use a coffee cup to scoop their food. But, please, stick to scooping food.

Stressed at Work?

These are the funniest work mugs. They are sure to alleviate some of the stress associated with the workplace. Emails, meetings, conference calls, piles of work. Sometimes it’s best to just laugh it off. Hopefully your boss allows laughter. If not, well, uhh, maybe there should be a serious work mugs page? Or you can at least get the poop mug. Your boss lets you poop, right?

When You Buy

After you place an order, your item is printed and shipped within a few business days. All of our coffee cups are printed in the USA and ship for free! It is as simple as two clicks! No long wait worries. Your mug will arrive safely in a protective package, so you don't have to stress about whether your gift will arrive as a box of shattered mess. Your mug will be delivered right to your door.

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