Hold X to Skip Stainless Steel Water Bottle - 16 oz


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If only real conversations were like video games.  How wonderful would it be to hold down a button for a couple seconds, the other person would suddenly finish talking, and we could get back to whatever we were doing?  If that sounds like something you would enjoy, this stainless steel water bottle is for you.

Size: 16 oz.

  • The perfect gamer water bottle for your home, gaming station, or desk at work.
  • Printed on both sides.
  • Home dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Brand New.
  • Printed in the USA.

This sturdy stainless steel water thermos makes a great gift.  If you have a friend that loves video games, MUG THEM!  They will surely be your best friend.  Your friend or spouse will not need to worry when warming up some hot chocolate as this bottle is microwave and home dishwasher safe.  Just watch the tongue!  They won't be able to point out those corner campers with a burnt tongue.

Usually ships in 1 business day from within the USA.

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